CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES…COME ON…dee dah dee dah dah dee dah dah
-a birthday sing a long with Pat...

Yes we are havin a birthday. A COUPLE OF BIRTHDAY’S…The biggie is the birth of this baby!

Then there is  my birthday which will not be spoken of again! I’m doing the happy dance because this pattern is finished and ready for distribution. 
Sooo without further adoooo here are the goodies I chose to help you celebrate quilting and December!
 I hope you like them cuz I chosen them special just for you!

A Christmas layer cake (I call them pancakes). A Dunroven towel from which you can dooo sum  Comfort & Joy applique. A ruler rack for hanging on the wall (cool huh?) and DRUM ROLL pahleeeze. Comfort & Joy pattern (hot off the presses and ready for you.)
Here are the rulz. Post a comment on my blog and you get a chance. 
If you are a follower you get another chance! Remind me when you comment. thanks
For every new follower, they and all the rest of the followers (who left a comment) get another chance. We need to welcome the new followers on board right? The party ends at midnight(EST) Sunday night. Winners announced Monday am….after I drink my coffee.I have my priorities. and I’m not getting any younger.