Christmas Thimble Meeting

The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a persons determination.
-Tommy Lasorda
I was horrified when my reader popped up with a post quote that I had not written anything on. For those who have readers I’m sorry I must have been sleep walking and hit the publish button..or had a seizure or sumthin. Who knows!

I promised quilt photos of Thimbles projects so sit back and enjoy!
Warning this post has a lot of photos. But you won’t be sorry if you stick around…it was a great show!
Teresa and her flaggy quilt. The girl cranks out the quilts.

Teresa AGAIN! A braid quilt. I believe this quilt is from a Bonnie Hunter book. I wish the photo was better it was sooo colorful. Tons of contrast too!

Barb holding her Christmas table square.. I was so lovely. An Barb is a cutie too!

You guessed it. Teresa again.

Now this quilt was amazing. Redwork Santas. Done my Merciedene. The inside story on my friendship with Mercedine is that she has become the best quilter. I should say BEST...but her first quilt, almost killed me and her at the same time. We joke about that quilt a lot. She is an amazing lady.
Julie workin on those Santas. Julie makes the most fabulous projects, but what blows me away is how she uses scraps and shirts and fabric from who knows where and puts them together to make stunning quilts. She is frugal to say the least but embodies the true spirit of quilting in everything she does. I wanna be like Julie. (I quilt with my credit card)

Mercedine again. This is a stunning funky Xmas quilt. I was speechless (but not for long)

Yup that’s my girl Mercedine! I think she was hiding behind the quilt.

Karmen….graphic …super quilt. She was running around with her new camera. I was chasing her.

Pat B. went to the Elly S. applique’ academy and learned at the feet of the master of applique. Those birds had real feathers! Time consuming wonderfulllllnessss.

Kim made this giant Tee Shirt quilt. It was fabulous. Even if it was heavy on the Kentucky spirit wear. (GO DAWGS!)  Mary Beth was there when this was shown…now she wants a tee shirt quilt. (gee thanks Kim!)

Leiann with one of 4 quilts Leisa quilted for her. I loved this one. That blue was ELECTRIC! 
 I took more photos but I bet you have scrolling fatigue. 
HOHOHO IT’S CHRISTMAS babies will all be home and snug in their beds…I can’t wait!