There HOME!

A happy family is but an earlier heaven.
-John Bowring
Family..they are here. Emily and Russ arrived and we are complete. We were about to go crazy counting the minutes until they arrived. When Russ walked through the door he said to me “It’s like you are waggin your tail!” I was soooo happy…sophie was happy too her tail was really waggin. Sir Quilt Dude, well he is always content when they are all here ..just us. We need nothing more.
So now you won’t believe what is going on. I’VE BEEN TROWN OUT OF MY OWN KITCHEN..The kids are making Christmas Eve dinner. They are chopping and cooking and singing and laughing. Christmas music is playing and the whole house is ablaze with my adult children cooking. (that sounds like they are burning the place down, i think  I just cracked myself up!)
As for me..I’m drinking a glass of wine (ok, it is Christmas I must not lie…I’m drinking a beer..forgive me I was trying to sound all cool and stuff). I wanted to write a little bloggy to my friends out there and wish you the happiest of merriest of peacefulness of joyous, of wonderfulness Christmas.
My kids were just telling me that they love it when they “make the blog”. Who knew??? So here is a little photo Emily took of she and my son (in love). And one of our little graduate. I’m done I have everything I need for Christmas.
Emily and her Russ (MAYBE I’ll get a grand baby from this photo!)

Russ…he is the MAN OF THE HOUSE!

What a moment…I may never recover!