I need to REPEAT what I didn’t tell ya’ll before.
-Pat Wys, Owner Silver Thimble Quilt Co. Jan 22, 2011

Just about the time I think I have run out of stupid comments to say in front of a group of people out comes the comment above. Yup! nuthin wrong with me. Here is my explanation. If I thought in my mind that I told you something then it counts. right?

I get home from quilt retreat…one day later I’m with my Silver Thimble Quilt Club (aka THMIBLES). I have already established that they are without question the best group of quilters on the planet. The following photos are EXHIBIT A…Another photo rich posting. I hope you are okay with this!

My skirt flew up and blew me out the door Marti’s (on right) Girl Gang Quilt. We were both going to make this. You will not be seeing mine any time soon.

Marti again! The thing about Marti is she RUNS COKE…she is responsible for my current addiction to Coke Zero. Look at the quilts she cranks out! I heart her.
Cindi and her baby quilt for her very special newphew Dylan…Lucky baby! A quilt and all Cindi’s love, we will not have to worry about this childs future!

Becky..this quilt is so neutrally wonderful. I am soo fond of this quilt, and its maker.

This quilt again, Becky’s is STUNNING. The photo does not do it justice. Reds…French General..mitered borders…OH MY. I could hardly breathe!

FIRE IN THE QUILT SHOP! Becky again. This quilt was so fun. My retinas hurt.

Karin and a trade she and others did. Quilt is from Nickle Quilts by Pat Speth. Scappy goodness, I have serious addiction to scrapppynesssssss.

Sit down breathe……this is Karin’s Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt Roll Cotton Boll Roll. Well, I rolled right out the dang door. Kristie made her version of this quilt which I do not have a photo on my blog yet..I will get it and show later. You may need some recovery time anyway.

Karin’s B. Hunter mystery quilt…I can’t take much more.

Becky’s Scrappy Nines in Black and White…awwweeee she did me proud! LOVE IT.

Sarah is already on block 6 of Comfort & Joy. Stinkin Cute too!

Just look at Snow Dude…polka dots…he looks like he has the cutest measles.

Ok listen up.This wall hanging by Tacoa..Is PAINTED then it has drop dead quilting on it. The painted (gold) parts look EXACTLY LIKE SILK.      U.N.B.E.L.E.I.V.A.B.L.E.

Tocoa again. Her design..her embroidery, her machine quilting. Her is gooood.


Sheila, this is a trash can! With her embriodery. Are you feeling a tiny bit intimidated yet????

Mary Agnes, flying geese and log cabins. I need oxygen.

Renee with her very first hand applique. I’m so proud of her. Excellent

Julie with a soft and lovely Twister Quilt. Hurry Spring!

Sandra with the Black and Tan Scrappy Nines. sigh! sideways! hahaha                                                            

I know this posting is sooo long. I hope you will forgive me. But here is the thing. I try to make my blog about quilting and the people I am so richly blessed to be surrounded  with as I make my way teaching and sewing with friends. I really want to share what I see going on with other quilters with YOU. So see, my blog is really  about YOU! (and sometimes me). 

Tomorrow back to the sewing room make over. I’m going to Ikea (say a prayer I find my way out of that place!)