January Crow Retreat

Negligent, adj. Absentmindedly answering the door when wearing only a nightgown

I have been away for a few days…sewing with dear friends. I should have packed my DEPENDS because we had near constant bouts of side splitting laughter. I laughed so hard I had tears coming down my face and couldn’t sew a stitch!  These women are the most prolific group of quilters on the planet. The things they crank out were amazing. I got a lot of photos but not everything. I felt like I had a spring on my butt because I was jumping up to snap a photo a zillion times…then there was jumping up for the snacks, we just won’t go there okay?

Here are some photos with side comments from the cheeto gallery.(me) This blog is photo rich so if you don’t have much time come back for another visit when you have a favorite beverage to enjoy the eye candy. Here we go!

Nemo (aka Kathy) with her Garden Club quilt. There is a story here. She made this quilt and it was stolen!! Can you imagine? I’m pretty sure whoever stole it will NOT be joining the rest of us in heaven. So! a group of friends from Little Quilts  REMADE and gifted this quilt to Nemo. She cried..and cried…I think she got into the ugly cry. I’m so happy for her and this very special quilt.

Jean was working on these precious little homespun blockies. I loved them so..I love little blocks I swear I do. But I love Jean even more. She sews to PERFECTION.

Oh the bow ties and reds by Nemo…How do I love thee. Little blocks again. This hung on the wall directly across from me. I had to look at it constantly. OH MY!

Sandy was making this for her granddaughter Iyla. She dang well machine appliqued those rows of ric rac…EVERY RIC and EVERY RAC!!!!!!!!!

This is a tiny section of a quilt being made by Pat (not me dang it). Those 4 patches are tiny tiny tiny and She made 476,000 of them. sheesh. Did I tell you about my love of the small block/units??

Vicki made this oober fantastic string quilt. Yup it is a keeper too.

This quilt is named Funny Farm. Made by Miz DarLynn. If I were going to live on a farm this is what my animals would look like. DarLynn and Pat flew in to be with us from Illinois. (that is the kind of group we are…much love!)

DarLyn and Debbie did a Funny Farm trade for this quilt. D’s on the bottom D’s  on the top! It was a D & D  funny fest!

This is Nemo. She thinks she can hide from me and I won’t put her on my blog. Nope! It is my blog I do it because I CAN!

So I walk in the room to get a little snack and Pat has this laying on the bloody floor! FARMERS WIFE..little blocks. She laid the whole quilt down and labeled the rows. I missed the opportunity to get a shot of the whole quilt. I asked her if she would lay it out again so I could take a photo. She did not respond to my question.

Teresa’s quilt (one of several she wore me out with projects) The blue alternating squares and outer border was beautiful.

Debbie and her watermelon slices. She appliqued every one of those little seeds. She will win the next seed spitting contest!

Magoo (aka Margo) and her Slice of Christmas tree skirt. Terrific. Magoo has a great eye for color.

Debbie,such a cute door banner..or it will be once she removes the legs.

Teresa and her Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt  What a quilt. I lost it when I saw this one! Teresa instinctively knows how to put color together! man o man!  

Pincushion exchange. AKA I’m going to steal the pinchusion you have and you will still love me at the end of this game. Hilarious!

Vickie’s Pinwheel on Parade quilt. WOW I love it, even better than the original (and it is mine)

This frog is adorable. Leslie did a great job. Love the corner treatment in the borders.

SALUTE! Vickie again. Great flags. She did a great job too!She is ready for the Fourth that is for sure!

 I wish I could bottle up the retreat and send it to all of you. I hope you enjoyed this little show and tell. Don’t cha wish you were there?