Quick Trip

Inoculatte: To take coffee intravenously when you are running late.

We made a quick trip to Asheville to see the house and lot Emily and Russ will be building their first home on. It was a whirlwind of looking at furniture, paint colors, rugs and yappin about their journey in building a home. Asheville is very much a destination area for retirees and artists and young people. It is a very interesting and beautiful area to live. It is a buyers market for sure anywhere you go but in Asheville things are still pretty expensive. I think the cost of building in the mountains is extra tough and it is a destination place for retirees and also young people and a fabulous artist community.

This is not their future home. I will be moving in here YUP there is room for lots of fabric in there.

  So it is back to sewing and designing this morning. I am hosting my annual Come Away with Me retreat in Ellijay (also in the mountains of North Georgia). I will be working today on some special games and fun stuff for everyone.  I sooo look forward to these 3 1/2  days Feb 11- 13. 

Guess what. I’m going to meet Pat from DE and Gene Black from Alabama on Thursday. Many of you read their blogs if you don’t go visit them okay? Both are coming into town, we are meeting and I’m going to put their fannies in my CTS (aka Pearl!) and take them on a whirlwind trip of Quilting and Southern food! Silver Thimble Style!  WOOO HOOOO it is gonna be the funnest fun that ever was fun.