When something can be read without effort, great effort has gone into its writing.
-Enrique Jardiel Poncela
Treating myself to some extended reading time. I have not had the time to enjoy a good book in so long with work,long hours, the holidays yadah yadah yaday…fatigue sets in (please refrain from any age or fittness comments here). It is waaay past time to kick back and enjoy some quiet reading. This is the book I chose for my book club to read. (it was my turn to make a choice we are a democratic book club voting is important). I went into this without having read the book and took Becky’s suggestion on this one, her book club had read it and liked it very much. I always do what everyone tells me! I’m glad I did. So if you want a good story check this book out. There are two other books the Sarah trilogy which I think I may read as well. (I’m on a roll) 
I went and turned by sewing room into a disaster area. I’m telling you people I’m in some kind of tossing out mood.(and it is a big room)  It is bad up there! I’m going in for another dose of this and I am excited to be getting rid of some stuff. I swear I could sew for 53.5 years without buying another piece of fabric. Then there is the biggie..I have a thing about plastic. (and it is NOT GOOD) More on that one later.