Ellijay part 1

Unless each day can be looked back upon by an individual as one in which he has had some fun, some joy, some real satisfaction, that day is a loss.  
Well! While being totally absent from my precious little blog, I have been having more than enough fun. No day has been lost…(see above quote). I have so much to blog about. I’m back and promise to catch up with all that has gone on the past two weeks. I got home about 6 o’clock last night from four glorious days at the retreat I host in the North Georgia Mountains in Ellijay. When I tell you the retreat was a success it is an understatement of huge proportions. There was quilts o’plenty for sure but you know I will always talk about the people/friends/relationships first. Here is the evidence of the fun.

Sewing and Cheetos…yup it is a very good thing.
The view of our universe. The chair is sitting next to my “office”. I hold regular private counseling sessions there!

Left Right Center game..can you begin to feel the fun?

Leisa I wish you could hear her laughing..in her binding skirt

Karin in her newly invented Ott Headlight. She is getting ready for applique for sure.

We love it when the quilt store comes to us on the mountain! Mary Ellen shrink wrapped Little Quilts and brought it to us…major shopping ensued.
Roll those dice BJ. my design partner was rolling for nine patches. (note to BJ..we finished Comfort & Joy those nine patches are the wrong color way for our new project!)

Karin again stopping by the sewing station for some counseling. Hhahahaa. Note her attire and the sun coming through the windows…yes we sew in our PJ’s (for days on end!)

The class picture. Our eyes were burning out of our heads. Facing right into the sun.

Jane rolling those dice. She is a big shot hospital personage. This photo is blackmail.

Look at them. Who knew we would get into so much competition for some red and green nine patches.

I love this…I swear I do. Look at Becky falling over with laughter.

And my favorite photo of all…it just says it all.
Paula said the nicest thing to me. ”  Have you ever  looked around this room and realized what you have created?”    My answer is “Yes, but I’m the one who is lucky and sooo blessed”.                                         
Tomorrow quilts and my day with Gene and Pat