A friend will know you in the first minute they see you, than your acquaintance will in a thousand years.
Catching up on events…first…. my day with Pat and Gene. (Gene got the better photo of us so I stole it from his blog…Thanks Gene.) Several months ago Pat contacted Gene from Alabama and me saying she would be in the Atlanta area in February. We set a date to meet and the plans were ON! I picked them up at a mall parking lot and took them on a little shop hoppie for the day. WHAT FUN!
We went to A Scarlet Thread, Little Quilts and Tiny Stitches. Holey shopping fun. Pat had never had good Southern Barbeque so we went to eat a Willamson Bro. and she got a pulled pork sandwich….we explained about sweet tea in the south and pulled pork vs sliced. She also got an explanation about the Southern phrase “Bless Her Heart” and what that actually implies…For those who do not know, this phrase usually follows an insult…like “She sure has put on weight…BLESS HER HEART .” Pat was crackin up. She got a full dose of the South yes sirreee.
The funny part of this whole day is that we all jumped in my car and started chattin it up like we had known each other for decades. The whole day flew by and I simply can’t wait till we can do it again. I love Gene and Pat more than I love my self cleaning oven!

Pat arrived at my car with this huge box!


Pat certainly knows what blows my skirt up. Anyone who looks like that should step away from the Cheetos.