I’m late I’m late for a very important date!!!

I’m not really late..I’m just late and have not had two minutes to post a blog. I’m leaving in about an hour for my annual COME AWAY WITH ME retreat in the beautiful mountains of North Georgia. Yes I have rented the whole joint.  Sewing in our pj’s laughing and playing games…..We are going to have a sewing good time.

I have my new ipad and will attempt to blog from the retreat. I have never loaded photos and all that junk so we will see how I do.

The forecast is for snow so hopefully it won’t stick and everyone can get up on that mountain and relax by 1 o’clock tomorrow. If I have to cancel I will be sitting alone in a gigantic lodge eating cheetos and vats of spaghetti pie. Then I will jump of the mountain or in the frozen pool below.

So much to tell you all I promise to blog one way or another. Stay tuned. Don’t cha wish you were with us???