Hurry UP!

One of the great disadvantages of hurry is that it takes such a long time.
G.K. Chesterton
Hurry! I swear that should be my middle name. YUP! Pat “Hurry up” Wys that is me for sure. Always in a hurry. So much to be done in every in every hour of every day. Then we have the added issue of the stupid CLOCK PEOPLE who decided we should SPRING FORWARD. Who are these people? I did not ask to give up an hour of sleep (which there is precious little of in my world). I WANT MY HOUR BACK and I don’t want to wait until fall…I need my hour, quilt market looms, designs in the making, patterns to be written, photographed….fliers, booth styling, teaching, lectures, cooking, spring cleaning, flowers to be planted, THE BLOODY LIST IS ENDLESS and I’m always in a hurry. Oh and lets not forget that now…. people are calling me to find out if I’m okay because I haven’t been BLOGGING (I love those people I swear I do…thank you for your love and support! I’m not kidding either).  
So, since I’m in a hurry today…….. as I MUST finish a quilt to give to Leisa tomorrow for quilting…and the borders are not going well…I decided to go have a mani and pedi and contemplate being in a hurry. When in doubt…procrastinate right?
To the CLOCK PEOPLE…I still want my hour back. If you give me my hour back I will make you a quilt……….. JUST STOP IT PLEASE it is not nice to take things without permission!