The optimist is the kind of person that believes that a housefly is looking for a way out.
-George Jean Nathan

A wonderful, amazing,very a special thing has happened to me in the last week…I am so blown away to be honored for a Golden Quilter Award 2011 which is taking place on  SewCalGal’s blog. There are 10 nomination categories. I am nominated under the best teacher category. The names are in alphabetical order so I’ll save you time..I’m the last one (gotta love that ”  W ”  last name!).  

There are a few things I would like to say about this nomination. First of all to the one who dun it! I love you more than Cheetos! Thank you Becky, your friendship is such a joy in my life, we have many more years ahead to enjoy our friendship and quilting. Second, of all the categories to be nominated this one means the most to me. If I have been a part of bringing the joy of quilting to ONE person and helped them move up the ladder of quilting success then I am a happy successful  quilt teacher. Quilting is more than a hobby, it is an art form and I don’t care what “kind” of quilter you are or what “type” of quilting you prefer…it is art to be enjoyed, nurtured and shared! That is my goal and will always be my goal. Third..Holey Cow just to have my named listed with the other quilt teachers in this category blows my skirt up!!! I’m speechless (and that is sayin sumthin!!!) 

If you would like to check out these awards and categories cast your vote by hopping on over using the above link to “vote early and vote often” as Sir Quilt Dude says..hahaha (he likes me he really likes me..). Voting is open until March 31. 

WOW now this was fun!