Oh the Places we went!

“Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.”  aka Dr. Seuss….Theodor Seuss Geisel)
So much to show you, I’ve been in the car for the past four days. I have been around the world, shop hopping with Debbie and Ally and then up to Asheville to help E & R with their new home, aka the Biltmore Annex. More on that later.
First I want to share the shop hop extravaganza report. We had a ball did the whole hop…12 shops. I did 10. I had to get ready to leave for Asheville on Saturday so I did not make it to the last two shops…Ally and Deb flew in and barely made it before the shops closed.  We all were so tired. Shop hoppin in Atlanta is WORK people!!! Quilters everywhere having so much fun. There was electricity in the air. So much fun. The theme for the shop this year was:”  A Quilter’s Tour of Homes”.   Each shop had a ”  house”   theme. I took a few photos. I was so busy talking to fellow quilters and checking out the decor of each shop..and then we had to jump in the car and drive 40 bazzilion miles. Here are a few photos.
Ally and Deb. Mother in Law and her new DIL. Buyin it up on the hop.
A Scarlet Thread. OH MY…there was a LOT GOIN ON!

Mary Ellen aka The Queen Bee at the “Hive” Those wings were so funny. Every employee had them on. Cracked me up!

Adorable fabric childrens book written by Maetha (owner of Tiny Stitches) and made by…I can’t remember. I think maybe Melinda…sorry. Any way it used all the blocks of the other houses in the shop in their book. SOOO CREATIVE. Each shop has a block and must make a quilt using their block and all the other blocks from the other stores on the hop. It was fun to see the quilts everyone made!

OK so I’m in the bathroom at Sweet Home Quilt Co. (Melisa’s) and I got a little distracted by the decor and proceeded to take photos. (Melisa would have preferred that I concentrate on the decor of her shop hop theme)  I was horrified when I walked out and there was a line to get in…….. with ladies about to die they had to go so bad…Sometimes I worry about myself.

Guess what Ally bought on the hop!!!!!YUP the baby quilter has a new baby sewing machine!.Look at her and her cute Cowboy boots buying up the machine! I’m going to get a skirt and some cowboy boots next time we hop.

A  Scarlet Thread and their quilt for the hop. Their theme was The Green House. All the other shops blocks were  around the greenhouse.

Holey Cow, This is In Town’s quilt. It blew my skirt right up!  

This quilt is haunting me. Taffy made this quilt. She did a fabulous job. I know now what I am going to do with my polka dot fabrics! Yes I do!
Another scene from the bathroom window. I will never do this again! I will remain focused on quilting!
I have lots more to share including photos of Thimble quilts from Last weekend! I’ll be back.