Shop Hop Today

He who is impatient waits twice.
-Mack McGinnis
The Atlanta Shop Hop begins today. I don’t hop well, I don’t even jump well…I’m a sitter feet planted firmly on terra firma!!! I’m not a big crowd shopper either, I go to Wal Mart in the early morning before the people come out. It’s a problem I know. However I do love a good crowd of quilters on a mission! Thousands of quilters visiting every shop in the Atlanta Metro area..and let me tell you people that is covering some ground!!! (over 400 miles I think) I will be riding shot gun with Debbie and her DIL who is a brand new baby quilter. I love brand new baby quilters! I love to help them spend vast amount of money! I love the questions they ask and the enthusiasm in the discovering the joy of quilting.  It will be my job to navigate (not drive!) Debbie’s new car to every shop in the land, or as many as we can get to in 1 1/2 days. As for me I’m going to refrain from making any purchases that resemble fabric. OOOPS my nose just grew so long it hit my computer screen. Pinocchio style.  Lets just see how I do. Liar Liar pants on fire!
This should be fun. I will take Mary Beth’s my camera and try to catch the lighter side of the hop. Stay tuned. Do you think any of the shops will hand out little bags of cheetos to help us keep up our strength as we hop along? probably a big fat NO