What is in your car???

”  I hope some day to make you all a cup of coffee.”
-Johnny Depp

The camera is toast. Gone Baby Gone. So, I will steal Mary Beth’s for awhile until I decide on a new camera. At this precise moment I don’t have time to research and determine what camera I want. I’m torn between wanting a super nice digital SLR… but I know that it will be a lot to haul around. Perhaps I should consider a point and shoot camera. Frankly I feel like a pack mule half the time with all the crap goodies I tote everywhere. Here is the list. 

What is in YOUR car?

 Sewing Notions and Goodies: With me in the car at all times, remember I’m on the go with  a lot of groups and classes so I have doubles of most of my favorite things I use to sew, there may be a melted candy bar at the bottom of the case, and yes I have a Cheeto picker in the bag as well as in the sewing room. I should be so embarrassed.

Tote bag aka portable office. Files, forms, invoices, current class handouts, retreat forms, class patterns and books, file folders with my coupons and other files of importance to me.

Basket of 12 copies of each of my patterns, this rides around in the trunk of my car. Gets moved to the back with the purchase of new bags of Cheetos.

Handbag…oh lordy you don’t even want to know what is in there. Formally, the home of the camera..now it is an iPad. This is known as  ”  Baby”.   We have to know where Baby is at all times. We do not want Baby to go the way of the camera (I believe I mentioned that in my last post) 

Then there is the cell phone,GPS,  iPod and all the cords for  the car, blah blah blah. I have a special electronics bag for those goodies. Can you believe how many cords we have to have these days!!!! AND THE Lap top bag.  Carrying this around less and less…Baby is in the lead now. We’ll see how that goes in the future.

Small sewing machine in rolling cart. Yup goes everywhere. (Featherweight or my Janome 760).

Small handwork project currently a red work pillow I a doing for my bedroom. Have to keep my hands busy and ready to sew at all times.

 Turvis Tumbler. Hydration a very good thing.

Maybe I will just get an iphone with a camera on it………kill two birds with one stone the above list gives me a headache.

Back to sewing with photos next post I promise!