I’m Fine

Her needlework both plain and ornamental was excellent, and she might have put a sewing machine to shame.  ~James Edward Austen-Leigh, about Jane Austen 
(oh how I love Jane Austen, Pat)
I am recovering from a serious case of jealously. I can’t believe how much I wish I had gone to New York to see the “Quilts of Infinite Variety” exhibition.  The only relief I have gotten for my regret is… THERE IS AN AP FOR THAT!!!! Yes I have the photos in high def on my ipad…and the book is coming out so I’ll just have to live with that and my regrets.

I’m wrapping up sewing for market this week. Loving the new stuff and can’t wait to post some photos. As for today I wanted to share a personal story with a photo and explanation. 

This is my Son In Love..The baby he is holding is NOT my grand baby. Nope. My fabulous daughter sent me this very mean photo. I think she thought she might toy with my emotions. So mean!!!! and I did not raise my children to be mean!

Let me say that I am fine with the fact that Russ is holding this precious boy. I’m fine with the fact that I am not a grand mother.. I’m fine with the fact that I got two emails from dear friends with photos of their new grand babies. I’m just fine. Thrilled! Happy!!! for them… I’m just fine. In fact I’m so fine I think I’ll just go buy baby gifts. Yes, that will be fun retail therapy in the baby department of Macy’s. yup I’m just fine. 

In light of the jealous issue in paragraph #1 and the above baby talk..maybe I’m not so fine. I’ll just stick to the market preparations I’m safe there.