New Technique

Here we go..brace yourself!

 This is Karin. She is contemplating  telling me that she has a new technique to reveal to me (and others). She is not a person who loves applique. So what did Karin do? She signed up at Sweet Home Quilt Co. to be a part of their Comfort & Joy Block of the Month…you guessed it. Our pattern which includes applique.
Insert lovely photo of most excellent quilt…below!

Karin decides she will tell me about STAPLIQUE’ a new technique for applique which involves the use of a stapler as a means of attaching applique motifs to a block. Yes people you heard me right! STAPLIQUE’.
After I was revived and the paramedics had left the building I began to think about the rest of 2011. This BOM runs through early Fall. Do you think I can hide from you know who until then? Eric Rudolf hid in the Smoky Mountains for years. I could find out about that, and make a run for it. No, that would involve sleeping in a cave and I’m kind of a Ritz Carlton sort of girl. And I really can’t eat beans from a can for months on end.

Staplique’ maybe she is on to something here. Maybe this would open up a new market for my patterns.
I talked to Karin, I appealed to her love of sewing. Encouraging her to take up the needle. Respect our quilting ancestors. I talked to her about sewing,reflecting on life, and the joy that comes with the quiet solitude of hand work.

This was her reaction…she mocked me. She mocked me in front of 30 other people. Not only that… she told me that she was going to go to Office Depot and see if she could buy an “air gun stapler” and that she was going to do RAW EDGE SPAPLIQUE’.
I’m leaving…retiring from teaching quilt classes. That is it! I can’t take it anymore. Karin is in charge now! The Smoky Mountains can’t be that bad.