Thimbles OH My!

 Be yourself! Who else is better qualified?
-Frank J. Giblin

April Thimbles met and was another convergence of amazing amounts of the funnest fun that ever was fun! Here is  the FACT straight from the head Thimble (that would be me). The show and tell that these chicks (my homage to Easter) provide is very bit as good as any guild! They just start whipping out the finished quilts and I cannot believe my eyes! You ALL will need to come to the burbs of Atlanta sometime when the THIMBLES ARE IN SESSION. Put off that trip to the Grand Canyon it can wait, it is just a bunch of Mountains and a river, you need to head to Atlanta!….we will not disappoint, I promise, cross my heart, stick a thimble in my eye!

Here is my evidence you may be the judge. (photo rich blog post from here..hope you have time to stick around and enjoy)

Ginny with her big bag. It is made from that new fabric that is laminated…it is jumbo. You can put a giant turkey in this bag!

Julie and her Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt. A mystery no longer. Sooper Doooper.

Juile’s BOM. I just love Blue and Yellow. I just love blue and anything…but really I just love Julie!

Barb and her STRING,FLANNEL SHAGGY RAGGY QUILT (that was a mouth full!) She said that it was going to be her camping quilt. Camping…that is where she lost me!


Elaine and her lovely green and red. I think this quilt needed to be photographed closer. The air was sucked out of the room when she opened it up. It was sooo beautiful.

Karin and her big Twister, Lil Twister quilt. Karin will be getting her own special blog post in the coming days on another subject..stay tuned.

And the back of Karin’s quilt. She is setting a trend with the Thimbles. She is now making Schnibble quilts and putting them on the backs of her quilts. Somebody needs to tell Carrie about this!

Another Twister quilt. Sarah’s quilt, Sir Quilt Dude wants the quilt BAD. I will be making this quilt just so he will be happy. I’m all about happy you know.

Karin and her “Lilac Hill” quilt. If you are looking for this fabric line FORGET IT, Karin has purchase every piece of it. Isn’t her quilt great? She will be getting another very special blog post from me on another subject..but I said that already.

Tricia and her trees. She is my SIL and I think she should hang this quilt on the wall in her great room. She looked at me like I was crazy. I stand by my opinion. Please tell her I’m right.

Tricia’s heart quilt. After she hangs the above quilt in her great room she should give this quilt to me. (insert another dirty look from my SIL we love each other don’t worry)

Fall Frolic, a quilt we made in our club…Cindi is behind the quilt. She is short.

Plaid Goose…another club kit quilt…and short Cindi behind the quilt again! Quilt is made with all plaid homespun fabrics. Very cuddly.

Gretchen and her completed Eventide quilt. Somebody needs to tell Carrie! This quilt is very huge and very wonderful. I wish I had been closer. I was running with my camera it went up and down fast.

 Gretchen’s quilt made for her most beloved little niece Mackenzie.

Hmm I’m forgetting something. Who is behind that quilt? Me thinks it is Julie…!

Mary Agnes and her Homeward Bound Quilt. Many flying geese!

Mary Agnes and her bright baby quilt. Lucky baby!

Those are Sarah’s Toes and that is Sarah’s eagle quilt. Hand appliqued I might add!

And what would a Thimbles meeting be without a visit from Moda Man. He left Fat Quarter (girl friend) behind she was still in bed , also Bolt (dog) and Thimble (cat) they were playing in the scraps I guess. 

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Back to work. Market = 3 weeks…HOLEY BUCKETS! Anxiety abounds.