Tuesday Small Group

Veni, Vidi, Velcro.  I came, I saw, I stuck around.  ~Author Unknown

Yesterday was a lovely day of sewing with dear friends. It was my turn to host..we sat around the dining room table and talked non stop, laughed and stitched away..or at least a little. Just look at the table! What a bunch of stuff was piled up on my Easter table.  We had every quilt magazine, food, sewing stuff mixed with jelly beans and coffee. Here is my plate of salad with my little box of binding clips next to it on the left and a compote of cheese straws on the right a bottle of ranch dressing, poppyseed dressing and 10,000 other things.

All the way at the end of the table by Becky there are two jars of moisturizer beside her. Think of us as product testers!!!! HAVE MERCY Yes sireee, I sure do know how to set a pretty table!!!!My mother (aka Scarlett O’Hara is rolling over in heaven at my lack of southern etiquette)

And then there is this photo. I will make an attempt to explain. I’m chatting with Suzanne and she is talking away suggesting we all go to the beach (we all look extra special in bathing suits, I digress).  While she is talking to me she is kinda shoving that quilt between her legs (think of it as a built in quilt vise).  I started cracking up…which led to general mayhem from the group. I guess you can just run with your own imagination for the rest of the story. She did thrown two grapes at me for taking this picture.  
I gotta go now, I better call Suz and apologize for this blog post. I really love her a lot. Nothing like good girl fun right?