Life is a succession of moments. To live each one is to succeed. -Corita Kent
I’m a proud mom today. Today is the day I can show you this photo. Why in the world is this so important? Four quilts exactly alike..what is so special about that? 

They are being given today to 4 very special college sorority sisters and friends of my youngest daughter Mary Beth. The quilts were made by Mary Beth! I have a quilting daughter. (be still my happy heart). She even chose one of my patterns, Tic Tacs to make for these special young women. She wanted every quilt to be alike so that they would all have something of everyone else in the group. She worked very hard in my studio while I was crazy busy sewing for market. She paid for the fabric and the quilting so she now has a very real perspective of the cost of quilting as well as the time it takes to make a quilt.  She fell in love with my feather weight and asked if it could one day be hers…sniff sniff I am so blessed and grateful everyday for this fabulous child . Let hope she doesn’t get it too soon hahaha.
These are the friends for life group. I love them all and I especially love the one in the middle. Don’t worry about the future of our world. This group has got it under control.