What you can do, or dream you can do, begin it; boldness has genius, power and magic in it. 
– Johann von Goethe
I no longer have to keep secrets. This one is out…ready to be talked about in a real way. I haven’t talked much in the last few months about the book I have been writing because the manuscript has been jumping around through the editing process (which has been very pleasant I might add).   The amazing people at Martingale & Co. will be releasing the book to shops in October. Sitting right here beside me are the final page proofs. I have finished reading them and will be mailing them  TODAY! The next time I see these pages they will be A BOOK all lovely and shiny. I’m so happy and pleased and proud and humbled and grateful  and every other emotion by the whole thing. I learned so much during this process. I worked my hiney off and learned a lot about myself at a deeply personal level and a lot about myself as a designer. I loved every minute of it, pressure and deadlines and all.
So here is the premise of the book. It is a compilation of Neutral Quilts and some smaller projects. I’m hoping that quilters will take a long look at the use of neutral fabrics as the stars of the show and not just backgrounds for other fabrics. All the beds in my home begin with a neutral quilt..I can change the quilts at the foot of the bed, shams and pillows with the seasons and the decor of the room. Neutrals are timeless! The quilts are lovely! So there it is in cliff notes form. MORE TO COME. 
 I know that the folks at Martingale will be having an Neutral project that I designed with a free download on their web site at some date in the future. whoop whooop! You will be the first to know about that as soon as I know. (I’m so sick of keeping secrets)
Here is the cover of the book. What do you think?   Does the idea of neutral projects intrigue you?  I sure hope so.(please feel free to answer these questions)  
This just blows me away and the projects inside make me smile! 
BTW I have been asked if I will do preorders on my web site for the book and the answer is yes. I’m planning to do a web site redo after market so I will include the book orders in that make over. (I need a make over as much as my web site sheesh!)
Ok back to earth Pat…MARKET LOOMS. We leave one week from Wednesday….That sounds better than 9 days..Oh my!