Market 1

It has begun…why is the first word we see when we get to the airport..

Well, after we recovered from the reality of getting on the air plane,strapping ourselves in an flying 10 zillion miles high..we comforted ourselves with a little retail therapy. YUP. You sure can do some fine shopping when you think you may never live to see tomorrow. Right there in the airport…THEY GET CHA!

We went yo the hotel, and then on to the Convention center…The Salt Palace, did some preliminary set up. We were ready for a nice dinner and chose a lovely Italian
Restaurant. Turns out we sat right next to our flight attendants. We enjoyed the evening and the company very much..and then there were the waitresses and adult beverages!

I know you are waiting for quilts… Be patient it is coming..

Today began with booth set up.. Here is the truth about setting up a booth for market. First you think,plan and worry about your booth. Market is ALL ABOUT THE SHOW… Then you Start the set up process. LADDERS! CURTAINS…lighting flooring, lions and tigers and bears…OH MY! I happen to be traveling I. The company of ANGELS..

These two made magic.. And the booth looks spectacular. Photos..tomorrow. We were done by noon!!!

We wanted to see Temple Square, Wow oh wow!!!!! We walked all over the square and gardens. Took a tour of the Beehive House which was the home of Brigham Young. Had a lovely lunch, and now we are back at the hotel for a little R &R..then dinner and back to the convention center..for Sample Spree at 8 pm.

What a perfect day to begin Spring Market. I’m thinking my new camera is working out just fine.

Sorry the post is so long..wish you were all here!
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