Market 4

The door of opportunity won’t open unless you do some pushing. -Anon
Prior to market I got an email from the Martingale angels telling me that there would be an author badge waiting for me in the Martingale booth. I was sooo looking forward to wearing it with pride during the 3 days of market. NO I was actually thrilled to be wearing it…NO I was proud and happy and tons of other emotions about wearing that badge. Mary Ellen and I went to get our badges, I was finally there and could not wait to stick it on my Show (name tag/vendor) badge. I slept with it on the first night in the hotel. It was so pretty.

The next morning…I got to the convention center..BADGE MISSING.  I looked everywhere…I was distraught to say the least. Suzanne and BJ practically strip searched me to find the dang badge. LOST..GONE BABY GONE. 

So, I got up the courage to go whine to the gang in the Martingale Booth. I cried threw my body on the floor and flopped around like a fish out of water. They did not think they could get or make another one. Sad and dejected I went back to my booth set up and torchered Suz and BJ and whined some more. That little badge meant so much to me (ok, go ahead and start the lecture..if it meant so much to you Pat!!! how could you have lost it! Go ahead I know you are thinking it!)

The show began on Friday and I was in my booth all naked and badgeless. Then angels descended on my booth. Guess what they brought me. YUP they made me a new badge. 
Those precious women had called the home office gotten them to sent an image of the cover of the book..made the badge and used packing tape to laminate it. I think they spent half the morning getting it and fixing it all up. They came over to my booth and gave it too me. There was dancing in the street! I believe I screamed and almost went into the ugly cry of happiness! (BJ and Suz were relieved that they didn’t have to hear me sobbing in my pillow all night long and they could get some sleep. sheesh! )

The story continues. When we were packing the booth we were pulling up the floors.(I have those faux wood interlocking foam floors). What was under one of the squares???? YOU GUESSED IT. 
Somebody must have stolen it and put it under the floors just to be mean. I could not have been so irresponsible with this precious badge to have dropped it in such a cavalier way! That is my story and I’m sticking to it!