The brave venture anything. -Anonymous
Ok, I know you all stayed up all night and are sitting by your puters waiting for me to announce the winners of the Giveaway 4 U…
First let me thank all who entered and your fabulous comments! I salute you and wish you all a fabulous day of quilting! With sharp rotary cutters and perfect 1/4″  seams (and some great snacks).
Here are the winners. I used the number thingy. I’m a rule follower so trust me on this one. I need to figure out how to grab the thingy and stick it on my blog thingy. (I have my own language  you know that..don’t send me mail with corrections to my language I’m happy in here in my happy zany world.) 
The first winner!Brenda from New Hampshire. She has won the book Tis the Season by Jeanne Large and Shelley Wicks! (okay so I really wanted to keep it but then there is the rule follower thing)
The second winner!  Me and My Stitches from Iowa. She has won the book Perfect Fit Pieced Borders by Sheila Sinclair Snyder. Yup this book is a great addition to your quilt book library. I love it!

The third winner!   quilma in Illinois. She has won the book Pinwheel Party by Ellen Pahl. Who doesn’t love a pinwheel? Great patterns and as usual..Martingale does it up so right!  yummy
The fourth winner! Pat in DE  She has won the book Schnibbles Times Two by Carrie Nelson. I fell off my chair and konked my head when the thingy popped up with Pat’s number..I got to meet Pat in February and we had a ball with Gene on a little shop hop around Atlanta (I drove…very fast!). You know what this means. I’M GOING TO GET TO MEET THE FIRST SECOND AND THIRD WINNERS OF THIS GIVEAWAY…I’M SURE OF IT NOW, AND I CAN’T WAIT. (I love my life! btw I love me some Carrie Nelson too! and missed seeing her at market..smooches to Carrie!)

If you have won! congratulations and contact me with your postal addy. 

You better believe that when my book comes out in October there will be some kinda giveaway.! hmmmm I’ll start planning right now.
I’ve been messing around with the color and font thingy…DRIVES ME CRAZY WHEN I PUSH A BUTTON AND THE BLOGGER THINGY’S DON’T BEHAVE. I NEED SOME CHEETOS!