Home Dec Sewing

Inspirations never go in for long engagements; they demand immediate marriage to action 
-Brendan Francis
I have been sewing. Not quilting…not piecing…just sewing. Sewing dust ruffles, pillow shams, pillows, table toppers. You know home dec stuff. Yup! nothing like whacking up fabric that costs $24.99 per yard to make a quilter twitch!  I’ve had enough of making piping and lining bed skirts. This was supposed to be my in home vacation, to heck with that this kind of sewing resembles WORK. 
Porch got a little fluffing up, covered the cushions and made some new pillows, table cloths..round table to my right not pictured here. We eat on the porch every evening. Tonight I’ll be having some wine out there!

Dust ruffle finished…Shams and pillows to follow, almost done! It will look better when I’m finished. I promise.

Sham fabbies…There is fabric all over my dining room!

Pillows for the sofas. I love the lambs..and the toile underneath. When I start something like this there is no stopping me!
Here is the funny part. When sewing on one project, I’m thinking of sewing a different project. I start to get antsy. I talk to myself and I say things like   SELF, hurry and make these 8 pillows (with piping) and  you can go work on that quilt on the design wall.”   Can anyone explain this? Perhaps I need professional counseling, an intervention, or maybe just a margarita. Please come and help me. I’ll be on the porch waiting!