It is often hard to distinguish between the hard knocks in life and those of opportunity. 
-Frederick Phillips
A weekend filled with Thimbles Club meeting and the kids home for Fathers  day weekend, TALK ABOUT JOY OVERLOAD!!!! The Thimbles were rockin the house as usual we laughed and did a fabric trade which went very well! We traded 40: 10″ traditional squares or 40″ 10″ batik squares. I demonstrated the Twister ruler and the gang is off to the races ready to make a twister quilt. TONS O’ FUN for sure. I can’t wait to see what everyone does with the fabrics that were traded. 
 The excitement is beginning to build as our group approaches July. What happens in July? other than Atlanta being stinkin hot in July. SUMMER STITCH IN. yup, yeah baby!!!! July 18-23rd. Can’t wait. I’m making all the arrangements and plans for us to have a rockin good time. We sew from 9am-9pm for six straight days (only the strong survive!). It is the funnest fun that ever was fun. More on this topic later. 
Here is Marie in her adorable little jacket. I wish I could remember the name of the pattern. hmm perhaps I should take notes!
And Suzanne with what she called “Easter Quilt” no bunnies but great springy fabbies.

Suzanne again, fabulous quilt! Warm colors, maybe this is her “Fall” quilt. I dunno!

Linda with a stunning quilt. I said to the group “That Linda sure does have an eye for color”   She looked at me and said it was a pancake (layer cake, jelly bun bun..or some such pre cut stuff) At this point the whole group gave me the You sure are a dumbo look! swell.
Bad photo. This is Shelia with another one of her outstanding stitchery quilts. Too bad you can’t see it good.

Sheila again. Look at the dark green inner border. It really adds a lot to make the design POP. If she had put a softer color in there it would have washed out. Very smart that girl Shelia.
And here is a close up of some of the stitchery. Does this make up for the crummy photo from above?
Carol finished a UFO from November 2004. This was a kit we did. Way to Go Carol! bringin those projects to the finish line. (proof that it can be done!!!)
And as for me, I’m still making pillows. I’m about over the home dec stuff.
Guess where I’m going tomorrow? I’M TAKING A WORKSHOP WITH THE LEGENDARY SUE SPARGO! I’m so excited, I will sit very quiet, no cutting up in class and absorb everything. 
I’ll take my camera. wooohooo, here I go!