Confidence…is directness and courage in meeting the facts of life. – Henry Miller
So much to tell, so much happening here (so whats new about that) so much fun I can’t stop smiling. I will begin with yesterday and Sue Spargo. sigh, be still my creative heart!
 The workshop was called Altered Textures. We got altered alright. It was the funnest fun that ever was fun. First of all there was Sue. She is so delightful, soft spoken, a gentle lady with so much to show us. She obviously loves her work and loves the art she so generously shared. Here is an amazing thing. There were probably 20+ women in this workshop. Ordinarily you would have to strain to hear the speaker because there would be so much conversation in the room. NOPE it was fairly quiet. We all were working at our tasks and listening to Sue…Oh how I enjoyed it. A full day with a needle and thread in my hand and listening to the expertise of a master textile artist. 
Here is one extra special surprise I got when I arrived. 
I sat right behind a dear friend who I don’t see nearly enough! Jean..I love this lady and vow to make the effort to see her more often! We did get to catch up and enjoyed working on our flower vases together.          
  On to the photos of the workshop. I took 52 pictures, I was a snappin photo fool. I asked Sue if I could post a few and she generously said yes. I will choose some of the best.
A little leaf sampler of different stitches and embellishments. It was amazing. I think this would be a fun way to practice different stitches, fabric combinations and beads etc. I would like to make one. I will probably have 4 leaves on mine.

This is the project of the day. It is Sue’s. She was asked “When do you know if it is done?” she said “It is never done, you can always add something!” Good answer.

A orange wool flower with velvet appliqued on top and a zillion chenille french knots. Check out the leaves and the embellishing there.

I love this birdie. I wanted to take him home.

And then Sue had a table..actually 3 or 4 long tables with evil little packets of embellishing goodies to buy. I visited the table, they gave us a sheet of paper to start our “tab” kinda like a bar… this was like turning alcoholics loose in the dang bar. I visted the bar many times. OH MY!

Sue teaching, no she guided us..She sat and we practiced and she had another little group at her side. I loved it and it confirmed for me that this is a great way to teach. I do similar demos like this in my classes and often wondered if it was effective. I know now that the answer is yes. Sue was determined that we would all have first hand demo and practice, she did not want us to leave with questions. If we were not at the table everyone else was very respectful that Sue was teaching and the people at the table were learning..It was very cozy. I like cozy!      

Oh the flowers and the details. My heart is pounding again. So creative.

And those leaves, and that fly stitch! Velvet and beads galore!
There are simply no words when you see this in person!

Just getting started. Don’t know who was working on this one

I’m tellin ya this is just too much!
I think you can tell I had a lovely day. It was a complete pleasure. Thank you Sue Spargo…Folk Artist extraordinaire. 
I had a lovely day with BJ today. I’ll send along details on that one tomorrow. We are fired up about our newest design!

And guess what!!!! Tomorrow…Debbie, Kristie, Brenda, Becky and myself will be attending Sue’s guild lecture..and then lunch and shopping.  The fun just never ends. hahaha
                                      JOY RISING!