Life is the first gift, love is the second, and understanding the third. -Marge Piercy
This is amazing. It is so mind blowing and amazing I peed in my pants. It has been many years since anyone referred to me as a HOT ITEM.  I was at the my doctors office today and  was reading on my ipad and I told her she didn’t need to do that blood work after all cuz I’M A HOT ITEM! I even showed her the web site She said I crack her up then she got the big hypodermic needle and the blood pressure cuff…Well guess what…we are a HOT ITEM this week. Check out the front page of the HOMESTEAD HEARTH web site..
Yup that is us BJ and I and our Star Spangled Celebration quilt. We are HOT ITEMS! 
Hop on over to Sharons web site Daisy Cottage Quilting We are hot over there too.
I’d like to thank the academy and my orthodontist. Where is my crown?
Ok now that was fun but I gotta get a grip and go mop the kitchen floors. (do hot items still mop?)