The person who is overcautious will accomplish little. 
– J.C.F von Schiller
Home from the Sue Spargo lecture. I swear I have not recovered. These quilts made my skirt fly up for sure. I got you some pictures to look at so you can wish you had been there!
Love love love…happy happy happy
Class photo, nobody told me I supposed to bring my project. I’m so cool, right on top of everything,yes sirree yes I am!

Quilt love, how I love thee!

Hahaha yes everyone was stickin their faces in the quilts!So funny.
This one is my favorite.

No I love this one.

This is Sue’s 50th Birthday quilt! She was excited to be 50 and maybe a little tipsy!

Ok, this is IT!

Blue Birds and color my favorite.
I’m a gonner now. I vow to make this quilt. I laid down in the floor and hyperventilated.


A bit of a close up on MY QUILT! Those red birds! That tree,the holly and berries. MY SKIRT BLEW OFF!
 Yes I had a great time at the lecture and spending the day with Debbie, Kristie, Brenda and Becky. Guess where we ate lunch…yup Chick Fil A! perfecto! And then there was more quilt shopping.