Start Your Engines!

He that waits upon fortune is never sure of a dinner. – Benjamin Franklin

BJ and I are getting ready to start our third quilt together. We decided we would have a day of shopping and planning. Quilt shops, with credit cards, TROUBLE…TROUBLE, TROUBLE TROUBLE. Recently I have refrained from too much fabric buying. Don’t tell anyone but I have a stash. Anyway, this new quilt is going to be different in color and fabrics for me so there was a need. (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it).
We had the best day. Shopped, laughed, planned,lunched. (we interrupt this blog post for a reminder that much of what is being written here is in code. All is a secret because there are creepy people out there who like to pirate other peoples stuff. This is not fair and if you know any of these people please punch them in the nose and tell them I told you to do it). We are beginning this new quilt in search of different colors, a slight departure from what we are both used to working with. Specific designs to follow we didn’t worry too much about the end design we just concentrated on color and fabric. BJ loves primitive and traditional. I love whimsical and light..Together we have a blast each doing our own version of the same design. It works well for us, and so we began yesterday. Armed with credit cards and a semi firm idea of  what the end result/quilt will look like off we went. We shopped and played and disrupted the quilt shops and in general had tons o’ fun. This is what ensued. I suppose I’m going to have to answer for this. 
”  My name is Pat and I’m addicted to fabric”
 What was needed for this quilt is a little bit of a whole lot. My long standing policy is not to buy fat quarters, pre cuts etc. normally this just doesn’t for work for me but in this case it will.  I always say why buy a fat quarter when you can buy 5 yards! ( I will be seeking therapy for this policy in the very near future.)
I  bought some 1 yard cuts (10 of them to be precise) which will be the backgrounds and backing. Other than that I bought in small amounts. We have two more stores to visit before we begin the next step in our quilt making journey. Today we did the West side of Atlanta..Next East side. We will leave no stones unturned in search of the perfect fabbies. 
We stopped at Chic Fil A for lunch. If you live in a part of the country that does not have a Chic Fil A..I’m so sorry, but frankly you should consider moving. I looked at BJ and said. “Is there anything better than a Chic Fil A sandwich?” She said “I swear I could eat them everyday!) hahaha she is sooooo right. 
 As for now my side of the bed is higher than Sir Quilt Dudes he asked why..”Oh I don’t know sweetie!” I said (That is where I stashed the bags. I guess I’ll answer for this at a later date). 
Check this out! While at Little Quilts look what I found. 
Yup! There are the cutest greeting cards in the whole gigantic world! A whole side of the card rack, a virtual SHRINE of cards.  They are all on my website now check them out! I told the girls in the shop that the rack should be spun just so, thus greeting the customers as they walk into the shop.(no wonder they run screaming into the parking lot when I walk through the dang door).

 Here we go it is going to be a great quilt! And so much fun to work on together.