Wish you were here!

I have run away with friends!! Brenda,Becky,Kristie and myself are at Brenda’s cabin in the Mountains of North Georgia…HEAVEN! We are sewing, laughing and having a blast! I needed this getaway in the worst way. I didn’t realize how exhausted I was until I slept 9 hours last night. My bedroom is so dark (cuz) we are basically deep in the woods.. It is like sleeping in a cave! Market orders are complete so I’m ready to have a couple of much needed days away!

BTW new patterns are on the web site. I’m thinking of making so changes to my web site and blog…key word THINKING!!!! My project for the summer! Right now I’m just trying NOT to think AT ALLLL

Here is a quilt Kristie just finished! Very neutral and a bit masculine. It as a BOM from Homestead Hearth! The deer on the wall approves!!

And this is Brenda’s completed quilt. Patches and Pinwheels HOLEY COW!! Asked her if she would give the quilt to me. I think she is going to put me outside and I will be food for the Bears..tonight! Very funny Pat (well it was worth a try).

Gotta go..soon we will be having wine and cheatos on the porch..along with humus and pita chips. Yup life is good. Wish you were here.

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