One does not have to stand against the gale. One yields and becomes part of the wind – Emmanuel
Craziness everywhere you look in my house. Complete CRAZINESS. The shipping department is working overtime. The receiving department is exhausted. The designer is not sleeping. The chef is on strike, between normal Silver Thimble stuff and preparations for Thimbles Friday and Saturday and the Stitch IN beginning on Monday my life and home are CRAZY

So what did I decide to do yesterday? organize my greeting cards. You know, we wouldn’t want to begin the Stitch IN with unorganized greeting cards. BJ walked into my house yesterday and said “What in the Heck are you doing?” I believe she actually said “Have you lost your mind!!!”  I am normally not prone to bouts of ADDness but I am now. Oh, and today I decided to get the cook book out and try a new recipe. I’m in denial about all the work I NEED to be doing. Here are some photos of my normally tidy home! It is just CRAZINESS!!!! 

My printer did not collate 100 copies of Comfort and Joy correctly. So we had to re collate grrrrrr..100 copies of a 32 page pattern all over the dining room.swell.
Stitch In stuff..You would not believe what is in those boxes

There is no danger of anyone being hungry or thirsty at the 
Stitch IN.

Packed for Thimbles on tomorrow

Lookie, Pat’s Pasta…25 rolls..that would be 1000:  2.5″strips cut and rolled. I’m making Patty Cakes too! Then the men in the white suits are coming to take me away. I hear they bring you a nice jacket to wear!

Can’t park a car on this side of the garage. No sireee

My desk…Oy Vey

Betty Bernina ready for a week long Stitch IN..I got her cleaned and oiled for the event. What are the chances that I will even sew? humm

Look at this desk. I need an intervention. I am sitting right next to all this crap at this moment. Please come right now.

I think I’ll go get a mani and a pedi..yup That’s a good use of my time.  
Right now I’ve got all the bubble gum I can chew!