We are made kind by being kind. -Eric Hoffer

I have a disturbing problem. Time…poof! It is Monday and poof! it is Friday. I know this a function of having to do 39 hours of work to do in a 24 hour day…but geezzz, this is re-dic-u-lus. I’m still in my Fred Flintstone car with my feet going as fast as I can and time just seems to go pooooof! I remember when my girls were small thinking how busy I always was, HA!!!! Oh well it is fun to be active and have my work filled with creative work and fabulous people. I just wish every week wouldn’t go POOF! 

More Stitch In photos. Then I want to tell you what is up with my website and sewing room. I’m getting real excited. Plus I’m working on market stuff, fall market looooms, (more poof! busy stuff). Then there is the little matter of my bookie..oooolahlah. I’m going to have myself a  party. wanna come? There is gonna be some celebrating!
Chris and a stellar tote for a special friend!

Pat and the Here We Go Again bag from my pattern. Good job Pat!

Somebody made this sun blockie..hmmm

Ok so Sandra goes away for three months and my beloved tells her..You better come back with 3 quilts…SHE DID IT!! I told him he better come home last night with a zillion dollars. He came home with Coke Zero.

Movie reels or film strips or somethin like that..sooo graphic and gooooood.
Elly’s paper pieced fabulousness. This baby is about the size of a dinner plate.

Pam and her first machine applique’. Our pattern Comfort and Joy. She did a fantastic job but better yet, she enjoyed the process (wheww good thing cuz she is just getting started!)

Hey Deb! This one is for you from Sarah..(Debbie is far far away on a lake!)
Lookie, Cathy’s lost socks (she found them teehee)

Suzanne’s wonderful quilt with great borders.
Mercidene’s machine applique’. Love love love.

Pat’s Here We Go Again project bag from my newest pattern. Nice Pat!
I was probably running with my camera to get this photo of Vickie’s quilt. She worked hard on this and it was terrific!
The participants of the Jelly Roll race gathered in the sanctuary for a photo op. What fun!
Sue did a terrific job changing up the setting on my Tic Tacs pattern. I really like the way the chain just pops!
Another winner from my SIL!

I’m killin you with photos. So much wonderfulness to show. Off to sew cuz this day is going POOOF!