Sewing fun ahead!

Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.
– Anne Frank
One week. One very short week. I need to get 27 days of work done in one week! I can’t wait till next Monday but I need more hours in my day THIS WEEK. Why you ask? Well, in one week we begin the annual Summer Stitch IN!  We sew from 9am til 9 pm for six days. It is the funnest fun that ever was fun. This is the 7th summer I have hosted this event and it is a complete honor to organize the event. 
The gang starts packing and planning this week along sewing insanity in JANUARY! I have already gotten requests for the 2012 dates.  The good thing about this summer is my iPad. I plan to send blog posts throughout the week so you can join in the fun. (key word PLAN). I have packed some projects but realistically I’m jumping around the room so much having fun with everyone I don’t get so much sewing done. I pretty much attach a spring to my fanny and bounce up and out of my chair for 6 days..and I love every minute of it. You are going to love it too. Why don’t you sew along with us? Plan a project or two and sew with us. Send me your photos and I’ll share them with the world. Come can do it!!!!!!!!
I wanted to show you this picture. This is the table runner BJ and I designed. The name of the pattern is A Table for YOU.  Remember I told you that we make our projects “our way” and then show you how you can change up the look of the project. BJ and I have our own style and we love to show it in the patterns. What do you think? (not the best photo but you can kinda see the applique’ elements.) 
You can’t see that darling angel..she looks like me all fat and happy like. She needs to lay off the cheetos too. Which one is mine and which one is BJ’s, you guess. (BTW Teresa made mine for me..been a little busy, so what’s new? Thanks Teresa!)

Small group sewing at my house today, I have made a Mexican luncheon…OLE!!!!