Stitch IN recap #1

Gratitude is the memory of the heart. – Massieu
With all good intentions of blogging everyday from the Stitch IN last week, intentions went out the door with the busy, fabulousness of our week. I have many many many many photos to post if I posted them all you would have to sit and read my blog for 10 hours. I will post some and chat a bit for the next few days,but first a message from our sponsor!
I don’t understand how lucky…no, how blessed I manage to be! I have an unbelievable family and amazing groups of friends. The Silver Thimble Quilt Club of Grayson Georgia should be bottled up and given to every quilt shop in the country! First of all these women produce amazing quilts and projects but then there is the “feeling” the fellowship, the support and frankly the LOVE. It is sooo right there you can touch it. The fact that I can spend 6 days in 12 hours of sewing time EACH DAY with these women is enough…the fact that I get to be their leader is more than I can explain, my heart bursts with pride! As I told them…it isn’t all about the quilts…it is about US as women and friends. OK enough..on to the quilts and side bar comments from moi.

Ann’s Dr. Seuss quilt. I love Doctor Seuss, we think and speak alike.

Teresa and her fall quilt. I love this quilt.

Jane and her Halloween quilt which will be auctioned off! Tumblers WOW!!! I’m going to check my bank account and put in a bid.

Sarah and her FIRST QUILT. Sarah is 26 and began her sewing with our retreat. She came with her mom for the week. She is well on her way to being a great quilter! Her seams were perfect, she squared the blocks up and the body of the quilt measured at three points with the same measurements…! Holey Cow!

Laura with her apron, ready for the holidays.Sooo adroable

This is Sarah G, with her finished and quilted Farmers Wife quilt. Leisa quilted it , did a fantastic job and brought it to Sarah. It is really sumthin..just sayin. Wonder how many hours is in that quilt?

Tricia and her Pickle Dish quilt. Honestly my skirt blew off my body every time she held this quilt up. It was amazing. Tricia is my Sister In Law. Maybe she will put it under my tree. (then I will really know there is a Santa Claus! hahahaha)

Honey Berries in brown! Good good good.

And we crammed ourselves into a circle and played Left Right Center

String Pieced by Chris J. Sooper dooper

Kristie sitting right beside me working on her Emily Jane quilt. Emily Jane is one of my new patterns. Mine is is red.

And here is Emily Jane all finished. Kristie did a fabulous job on the quilt! It is as lovely as the real Emily Jane!!!(my daughter)

More tomorrow..I need to go put all my stuff that I schlepped over there..right back in its proper home. Then I’m gong to take a nap (I tired)