Stitch IN Underway (long, many photos)


As I speak they are coming through the door. squeals of delight, hugging and a feeling of joy that is palatable. it is day 3 so I will try to catch you up. Difficult to have a cohesive thought in to middle of a pool of extreme fun.

Here are some of the quilts that have been completed during day one.

The first Quilt of Valor… A nice start to the week.

This is my new motto….for life. I got in a Dove Chocolate..that part was DELISH.

Carla’s quilt! HUGE. Blew my skirt right UP!!!!

Carla again..She is Retired! I’m just tired…hahaha I cracked myself up.

Suzanne…nice..We discussed borders for 7,000 hours on this one.

Marie Bees in the Garden.. I volunteer to get stung by those bees.

Brenda’s Sassy 16…So sassy in a good way.

Pat’s string pieced goodness..the other Pat..not me, this is wrong on so many should be mine!!!!

Carol. She makes the most lovely Asian inspired quilts. Lovely lovely.

Laura baby baby baby..what fun!!

Kristie, I don’t even know what to say. I think I will wait until she walks into the kitchen, then I’ll make my my car with the quilt.

Mercidene..this girlfriend knows what to do with color.

Carla AGAIN!!! Sheesh.

Suzanne..this is not a baby quilt, just so you know..inside joke you would need to be here..

Brenda’s beauty.. Sigh.


Janet and the little girls dresses..this will make you happy

Elly and a taboo sampler.

I hope you will for give the lengthy post…it is all so wonderful I love to share with you.

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