Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. 

Talk about a battle. The time between one Quilt Market and the next is about 2.5 seconds. It seems like we have hardly been home from Spring Market Salt Lake and it is time to prepare for Fall Market in Houston. I’m telling you there is no down time. So what have I been up to in my sewing room? Well here you go!

Well there is a lot of this

Tons and Tons of this!
Hours and Hours of this!
And you thought I was going to show you the quilts I am working on for Fall Market..didn’t you? (Silly, silly,silly you!)
I have been revamping my web site (all will be revealed soon) and subsequently my blog. I was wondering and need some answers from you. Is there any interest in technique based show and tells? (tutorials) with tips and tools added (and comments from the peanut There is a lot of that to enjoy on web sites and would you like more??? Your wish is my command. Just cuz I love comments there will be a surprise give away..I will throw every name in a hat and draw some winners! I’ll keep that a secret just like my projects for fall market. sneaky sneaky me.Even if you don’t have an opinion…leave a comment and tell me what you had for dinner! hahahaha