Happy Birthday darling girl!

This bundle of beautiful, strong, accomplished, wonderfulness…turns 23 today. Born 8-4-88 at 8:48..how cool is that?
My heart and the hearts of her family explode with pride and are sooo filled with love for this girl young woman! She is the most unique person. Absolutely NO DRAMA..just calm wisdom and joy. The young man that captures her heart will be very lucky..she is so laid back and easy to be with.

She loves her family and gives so freely in her personal life and work life. As I write this she is probably standing at an operating room table with a person who is sleeping…and she once told me..Mom, they are asleep it is my job to take very good care of them while they sleep and can’t speak for themselves. (dang she rocks my world with her quiet wisdom). What a gift she is to be our daughter, God has blessed us with HER!!!    

Later quilting and changes…today it is all about her!