A little trip

At the moment of commitment the universe conspires to assist you. -Goethe

We ran away yesterday.. Sir Quilt Dude, my SIL and BIL and moi are safe ensconced in the glorious mountains of North Georgia. Lest you think I might get a vacation from All things sewing.. No not in the cards right now… But moving my sewing to the mountains and parking my self with this view is perfect for me. Them there is the little matter of happy hour in the rocking chairs! Yup, you don’t have to worry, I’m ok.

The guys are happy cuz they are on the golf course! We told them to go ahead and play 36 holes… We would be fine with our sewing. I hope we didn’t hurt their feelings! We will see them for happy hour!

My big mistake is that I left at home a little thing that you put in the thingy on my iPad to push the button and make the photos appear on the blog post thing..are you following my train of thought here??? In short I got no proper photos of the quilt I am making so I will just have to splain it to you with photos when I get home.

I’m making a quilt for my youngest daughter. I love her so much! She is doing her new room in purples and greens. I’m doing a Turning Twenty Again quilt. This kind of quilt is not something I normally do. At this moment making a quilt that is completed quickly is a good thing. The pattern calls for 20 fat quarters.. So I’m using 40.. For me the scrappier the better. I’ll send you a photo as soon as I find my thing for the thing in the thing of the iPad.

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