My computer is taking another vacation…So I’m send a blog via iPad. I swear when this computer dies I’m going straight to the apple store at the Mall of Georgia!
I’ll get myself a GENIUS..roll out the 401k (I better hurry cuz that is dropping like a rock too!) and get myself a dependable computer. Well, maybe it is not the computer..maybe it is BELLSOUTH. NO way could my problems be operator error..ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!!!!!

Anyway,thank you for responding to my little surprise give away..I used the random number thingy and here is the result! Congratulations #7…Crispy!!! You will a PAT’S PASTA ROLL of neutral fabrics cut from my stash. Many of the fabrics are used in the projects of my book..insert shameless book promo…

True Random Number Generator
Min: 1True Random Number Generator
Min: 1
Max: 26
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CONGRATULATIONS Crispy..send that snail mail addy and Sir Quilt Dude will run to the postoffice with your “Pat’s Pasta Roll”

Off to the sewing room! Great things are going on up there.

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