Pick Four "My Day"

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from 
your own actions.
-Dalai Lama

Today is my day on Sue Abrey’s fabulous blog hop. I’m so excited dee da dee I just can’t hide it doo dah doo I’m about to loooose control and I think I like it! dee dah doo dah dah. OK, that is enough singing lets talk Blog Hop and Sue’s new book!  I love that she is giving everyone a little bit of information about the places that each of the featured bloggers live! Can’t wait to see what she says about the Atlanta area…but here is my side bar comment. Sue is from England (very British!) I am Southern ya’ll (insert Paula Dean accent). Can you imagine what a conversation between the two of us would sound like??? I laugh just thinkin about it..Holey Smokes!

 Isn’t the cover lovely? Eye candy. Love it!

So now comes my little bookie reviewie…be patient there will be prizes at the end!

When I look a new book I look at it with several different things in mind. I wear lots of  “hats” so I like to find books that meet several different purposes in my quilting life.

The first “hat” is finding a book that would work for the quilters in my Silver Thimble Quilt Club. There are about 70 members that meet monthly, many have been members for 8 years! I work with shops in the Atlanta area to kit projects for the membership. We do a quilt kit per month. (Kits are optional so don’t pass out every member does not do a new quilt each month.) This book fits the bill for my club members because it has multiple projects I think they will like. The value of the book for  is raised if I can get at least two projects from the book. The projects I can sooo picture my group liking are Starstruck, Diamonds for Christmas,Stars at the Crossroads, Poppy Twist  and Antique Nine Patches..yes sir, these projects will make awesome kits. We can use this book for many months. perfecto!

Then there is the “teaching hat”.  I love to teach. Most dear to my heart are those beginning quilters. (I love a baby quilters, especially if they are 95 years old!) This book will not only guide a beginner through the process of choosing fabrics but will also provide some projects they can feel successful with right off the bat. Double Blue Patches and Stepping Stones are perfect for the beginning quilter. Way to go Sue! 


Then there is another part to the teaching hat. I talk to quilters  ALL THE TIME about fabric selection. From beginners to experienced quilters fabric selection seems to be the most terrifying part of quilting. Sue’s book makes fabric selection so easy.  The section she wrote called ”  Choosing Fabrics”  is terrific. BE NOT AFRAID, Sue makes the process painless. 

The visual appeal of the projects in a book is important to me especially if I am recommending it to a group of quilters. Sue has put together a great collection of quilts with a variety of color palettes that are yummy. I especially like that she added ”  Color Alternatives”. NICE! groovy baby.

Last but not least is the hat that I wear ” for me”. I don’t get a lot of sewing time just for me so I pick and choose very carefully the projects would I like to spend time making for my home or for gift giving. Again, Sue rang the bell and I came a runnin! I love “Drew’s Windmills, Poppy Twist” and I must make ”  Diamonds for Christmas“. Yes sir, I would love to make each one and I will. Sue can you put a few more hours in my day???

I hope you have enjoyed my little take on Sue’s wonderful book. I’m so happy for her and wish her great success with “Pick Four.” Thank you Sue for including me in your Blog Hop..I’m honored!

Dah prizes. Sue will be giving away an autographed copy of her book drawn from the comments left on this very blog post! Hey hey hey.

 I will be giving away another copy of Pick Four  along with a 
  Pat’s Pasta Roll”   40: 2 1/2″ strips of fabrics similar to the above photo… selected by moi from my very own stash  (got fabric? oh yeah). I would love to get to know you so tell me about your current project or just tell me something I don’t know about you, I can keep a secret! I can’t wait to see who wins and will draw for my winner on Wednesday August 31st. Good luck to all!

Tomorrow, hop on over to Kim’s blog she is terrific and has written two fabulous books herself!  I’m sure she will have a lot to share with us.