Some Great Reads!

Wise saying often fall on barren ground, but a kind word is never thrown away.- Sir Arthur Helps
Internet…out Thursday – Monday. I can’t believe the run around stories we got from our service provider (and I’ll leave it there remember this post from last summer when I went Mel Gibson on the Geek Squad at Best Buy? I never want to behave like that, I must learn from my mistakes). So, we are back up and running. whewww. These types of problems are compounded by the fact that I am a home based business..Thank goodness for my ipad!!!! That being said I wanted to take some time to ask you to go to this blog and read about Charlie, leave a post on Marydon’s blog. It will only take a little while and is worth the effort! 
My book club met last night and we enjoyed a cool (finally) evening on Jan’s deck, eating and talking non stop. We usually read one book per month but this month we read to really good books. Each different, each great stories. 
Crow Lake a wonderful story with all kinds of interesting characters..I love character studies and this one was very good. Easy read too, beautifully written! I believe it was a Today show book club recommendation.
Totally different from the above book.  This is a true story about Henrietta Lacks and the cancerous tumor/cells that were removed and then reproduced beyond imagination. Most of modern medicine and research has been impacted by her cells we have all been impacted by her cells… known as HeLa. I worried that I would be run over with the biology and science of  this book and that it would not hold my attention (I kinda have a lot going on right now, I know you are shocked) WRONG. I loved it!
It remains a miracle that I can even carve out 10 minutes a day to  READ! A few months ago I made a decision to spend some time each day doing ”  non quilting”   activities that I love,and to stick to it. Reading is the best for me, with that said I better get upstairs and work on my new quilt. BJ and I have smoke coming out of our sewing machines and BRAINS!!! 
I’m working on those tutorials snapping photos as I go.  Once the web site thing is done I’ll be in business.

Send me a comment and tell me what you are reading. I’d love to hear from you.