Cheeto Picker unleashed!

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.
Dalai Lama
I have gotten a lot of comments and requests to explain the finer points of the Cheeto Picker.  First of all I have discovered that snacks pertaining to sewing time are a very personal thing. From Herbal Tea to Bubble Gum I think I’ve heard it all. I do have some confusion on one topic that I would like to explore. Lots of people said that they have NO FOOD within a mile of their quilting projects because they worry about making a mess. But many of the NO FOOD club said they have coffee or tea or Coke while quilting. HUH????? What is that about? I use coffee and tea to dye my projects if I want them to look all vintage like and aged..I’m confused. With all do respect tell me do you people drink coffee through a sippy cup?  How could a harmless cookie do damage to a quilt? I’m going with the idea that people who don’t allow food near their quilts are using this as a means of diet restriction and self abuse. Eat some cake! Literally.  I bet the members of the “no food near quilts club” are extra skinny.
So now we get to the subject of the best kind of snacks, sweet vs salty. My preference is for both. I come from the more is better way of thinking that is why fat quarters don’t make sense to me. Why buy a fat quarter when you can buy 5 yards? seriously friends..

There are 2 winners in the Best of Quilting Snack category. The first! Well of course it is the beloved Cheeto. Heaven in a bag. 

The Cheeto is problematic in that it can be messy. WELL QUILTERS the answer is often right in front on you on the notions wall of many quilt shops. It is the Cheeto Picker! Long enough to reach to the bottom the the large bags you get from Sam’s and Cosco. Delicate enough to hold on! You need to be aware that you should not blindly grab for the Cheeto Picker because you can end up with your seam ripper impaled on your lip. I know 

If your local quilt shop does not carry these babies just ask them to order you one. Please leave my name out of it.You are on your own I have already made a fool of myself at a national level…get your own Cheeto Picker.

The picker can be used in other ways as well. Popcorn especially this time of year I just love caramel corn. It is a versatile tool.

Then there is this…you can watch your feet and fingers blow up while sewing and eating. SALTY!

The winner in the sweet category. Perhaps the MOST perfect food to eat while sewing. TWIZZLERS!! YAHOOOOO

 It comes in giant 2 lb. bags. Which makes sense to me. I have always believed that more of a GOOD thing is best. Fat quarters make no sense to me. Why buy a fat quarter when you can buy 3 yards! Twizzlers can be eaten totally hands free, the technique is as follows… Pop one end of the Twizz in your mouth and feed your self while you sew. It takes a bit of practice but after a 2 lb. bag you will have it down pat. I do not suggest you practice this in one sitting but I won’t elaborate on that point.  2lbs = a lot of Twizz!

When you come to my Silver Thimble Club you will meet Mary Agnes she and I will show you how to have a hands free Twizzler race. I believe I am and reigning champ..or we will just go with that cuz this is my blog.

At this point I need to tell you that there is one food that should never be brought into the sewing room.

 Powdered no less. Can you imagine the powdered sugar all inside your precious sewing machine. This is just wrong on so many levels. Please trust me on this I know I’m right! BTW I bought a bag of these babies just for that photo. What I don’t do for my blog. They were delish!

Okay now that I have given you the best…get to the store, get your snacks and picker and start your engines. You will be happier quilters and you will get so much more done because you will not be runnin back and forth to the dang kitchen. Please let me know if this blog tutorial was helpful. I would love some “feedback” 

Do we need to discuss adult beverages while sewing? nah