Delay is preferable to error.- Thomas Jefferson

Lookie what those nice folks at Quiltmaker magazine sent me. My block is on the mug along with 99 others who’s blocks were in Vol. 1 edition to the magazine. This mug must certainly be a collectors item. I suppose there are only 100 in existence. Aren’t you impressed? I’ll have to keep it under lock and key cuz a robber would certainly by pass the jewelery and silver to get to this mug. 

I have been accomplishing quite a lot. In case you think all I do is sew with neutral fabrics…The following photos are for you. 

A little stitching. I’m over the moon for purple and green right now. Is it a phase? I’m eating grapes at this very moment. At 5 o’clock perhaps grapes in a different form..join me!

I’ve been doing some applique’. If you are allergic to applique please take some meds and come with me to applique land. There is great happiness there. I will be adding some machine applique lessons to my new web site/ soon as I finish this little project. 

I’ve been doing some hand stitching. Here is the thing about hand work for me. If you put a needle and some sewing in my hand all stress leaves my body. It is the most relaxing thing! If there are cheetos and my cheeto picker nearby..even better. You do know about my cheeto picker right? 

Then there is the dang mess I make when in the middle of a quilt design. This gets on my last nerve. So I will just go do some stitching and FORGET ABOUT IT!!!