Here we go again…sing and dance with me!

So it is Monday…. I’m sewing and getting ready to fix dinner. The door bell rings..and these arrive. 

With this lovely card. (Good thing cuz I might have had some splainin to do if you know who got home from work and I was getting flowers!)

Well don’t that just FROST YOUR and everything! How nice. Those people are so sweet.  I dashed off a beautifully written thank you email. (my mother is rolling her eyeballs in heaven right now..”  so you don’t have time to write a proper thank you! I raised you better than that!”  ).

Then I went back to sewing and dinner prep..

UPS man arrives (usually between 5 and 6). I told Mary Beth to get the package cuz it is probably the toner Dad ordered for the printer. 


The book, MY BOOK, I can hold it in my hand. It has pages. I can’t even tell you the emotion. Is this real? Do I really have a number in the LIBRARY OF CONGRESS? I can’t believe it. I suppose it was such a long time comin that it is now an out of body experience. I have to tell you this…and I mean this..(BRACE YOUR SELF CUZ I’m gonna get all sappy and serious here…) My overwhelming emotion is gratitude.  I’m so grateful to my family for the support, my friends who lift me up and are the flowers in my life garden, to the members of the Silver Thimble Quilt the Martingale people…and to anyone who may decide to purchase my book for their quilting library…I’m sooo humbled by the whole thing. I’m mean it people..there are tears flowing as I type. (too  much information huh?) 

Ok so where does one keep this precious book?

They will notice it up there that is for sure! (bad glare sorry)
For guests who need to have something to read while visiting the luxury suite. We can light those candles on the back of the facilities for ambiance.

In here, everyone opens these doors 10,000 times a day right? And next to the sweet tea..this is the south you know!
One should never text while driving…but this text doesn’t count  does it?
We will store it in here. I’m the only one that turns the thing on anyway. It will be safe in there.

Another email was sent to Martingale Headquarters here is how it read. 

Dear Martingale friends of my Mom,
Mom was making my favorite dinner. Roasted Pork Loin, with those yummy roasted new potatoes, fresh green beans and mom’s awesome homemade yeast rolls. She was so happy she got flowers today..Then the UPS truck came and Mom said the toner for the printer was here. WRONG.
It was the book..
The pork loin is a charred remain.
The roasted potatoes are the color of her HavenStone quilt (which I called dark and creepy anyway I like purple)
The green beans are dried and stuck to the bottom of the pot (which I have to wash)
And the rolls are hockey pucks.
Thank goodness the Sweet Tea is safe in the fridge cuz Mom is GONE MENTALLY…
Sincerely yours,
Hungry in Atlanta
The Wys family
So that was my day yesterday. Nothing out of the ordinary happening at Silver Thimble World Headquarters.