Martingale Monday #1

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson
Let’s launch this party okay? I’m going to celebrate the coming of a book. I can hardly think and speak the words MY BOOK! I’m having trouble typing the words MY BOOK.  holey cow!!!
It seems like such a long time ago that I was sitting at my computer and chatting with Mary Ellen, it was about 8pm. I opened my email (I was paying attention to Mary Ellen I swear) and there was an email from Mary Green, Editor in Chief of Martingale & Co. I said to Mary Ellen.
“There is an email here from Mary Green”.  Mary Ellen (who knows Mary Green and just about everyone else in the quilting industry) said ” Well open it dummy!”   Pat 
” I’m scared”.   Mary Ellen ”  Then send it to me and I will read it for you.”   I opened the email…I’m no dummy! So began the journey, after I got up off the floor and had some adult beverage(s) and called 10,001 people. 

The subject of the book is the use of neutral fabrics as the “Stars of the Show”.  It is my hope that my book (there went my heart again my book) will help quilters to rethink the use of neutral fabrics. When I go in quilt stores I often here them referred to as backgrounds. Lets rethink that okay? You won’t be sorry!
So here is the book..MY BOOK 
Isn’t it purty? So far you have see as much of it as I have. The book will be shipping Oct 4th. I dunno when I will get my copies. I ordered 75 million copies.  The UPS man is gonna be very unhappy with me.

The quilt on the cover is called Scrappy Nines. It is quite possibly one of my favorite quilt designs. EVER!!! When it was chosen for the cover I knew it would work well! But there are other quilts in the book that I’m happy about to.(I will talk about them each Martingale Monday). They are all my kids so they must be loved equally. 
Scrappy Nines is made from 2 different blocks, set in an alternating pattern. There are a lot of nine patches to be made, once they are completed the rest of the quilt goes together fairly quickly. It is not difficult at all and has HUGE visual appeal. 
Here is a little sumthin I would like you to know about me and about the way I design. I like designs that are complete so I frequently add a little “finishing border.”   In the case of Scrappy Nines it is there. Can you see it? It is the final little outside row of 2 nine patches and a spacer strip. Which finishes the design! Without those borders the quilt pattern would be chopped off ! BOOOOO. In addition to the finishing border..I stopped the quilt and did not add any additional borders. I’m like that too. I quite frequently don’t add borders. In this quilt the finishing border is enough. Or at least I thought so! 

Here are some goodies I will be giving away for my first Martingale Monday!
#1 A signed copy of Spotlight on Neutrals. This signed copy will only escalate in value. It will be worth millions. You will be able to sell it on ebay and send your children and all your ancestors to college! Aren’t you thrilled?
#2 A special book “Quilting those Flirty ’30’s” What a great title. What a special book. Guess who the publisher was??? Congratulations to Cynthia Tomazewski most excellent writer. Can I have some of those vowels in your name I can sure use them?

#3 A “Pat’s Pasta” roll of neutrals, blacks, tans, creams etc. similar to the photo below but with more of a range of neutral fabbies. 

Put a comment right here on this blog post. Winner will be announced on Thursday Sept 8. Tell me what you think of the cover and your thoughts on neutral fabrics. I would love it if you could invite your blogging friends to join our party but it is not a requirement for winning. I will ship the above winning box of goodies as soon as I receive MY BOOKS…sigh.

You can preorder my book right here on my website! Have a linky on me!