Martingale Monday #2

I do the very best I know how – the very best I can; and I mean to keep on doing so until the end.- Abraham Lincoln
 Good Monday morning! Well here we are again. Martingale Monday! Wheeww that week went fast.

I want to show you another quilt from the “book”   and chat a bit about the quilt and its design. I decided to choose this quilt. 
HavenStone  Named for the subdivision where we built our new home. It is darker than the other quilts in the book and that was the goal..deep neutrals. When I designed the quilt I wanted the look of stacked stone coupled the drama that comes with a snails trail blocks. My friend Becky and I sewed the quilt together and had a lot of fun.  This quilt was out of the box for me and was so much fund to play with VALUE. Could I make an interesting quilt blacks, browns, and grays? The answer was YES, but the secret is value. In my book I wrote a section on the use of value when thinking about color choices. Using the high contrast of the light creams, tans and icey grays was critical. If I had not done that it would have been named Mud Slide! or something worse. This quilt has soooo much movement. It dances. Another aspect of this quilt is the alternating block which has the 60 degree  triangle unit (also named Peaky and Spike, named by the late Doreen Speckman.) This block adds another opportunity for visual movement in the quilt. Super fun and fast to make.
Then there is the whole border no border thing. I chose to do pieced setting triangles and called it quits.  I’m like that. I don’t believe that every quilt needs a “border”. Don’t get me wrong I do plenty of borders and when I do make a border I love love love a pieced border but I have freed myself  from the idea that every quilt has to have an inner border and an outer border..come join me.
Here is a funny thing. I have shown some of the quilts to my Thimbles club members. I’m always listening and watching their faces to see what their reactions will be to my designs.(so far no one has had to be hospitalized from sickness) This quilt is one that people gasp and I here wows and OH MY!
Ok here are the goodies for you to have a chance to win. First there is the signed copy of ”  Spotlight on Neutrals”   Yup my little baby. 
 Then there is this book “Flip Your Way to Fabulous Quilts” by Donna Lynn Thomas. YOU ARE GONNA FLIP! I enjoyed the book very much. 
As special “Love you more than I love my self cleaning oven” I will send along a giant and I mean GIANT spool of my favorite thread..Aurifil. This baby will keep you sewing for 1.5 years!  You can choose either the lighter tan or the deeper gray.First you will have to win!

Leave me a message on this blog post and tell me your favorite snack to have while sewing. Oh this should be good! You have until midnight EST on Wednesday. I will announce the winner on Thursday morning after I drink my cup pot of coffee.

And yes there will be a blog post about the finer points of the cheeto picker! This week.