Martingale Monday #3

Always remember you are unique just like everyone else! – unknown

I hope everyone had a smashing good time this weekend. I know I did! This was Thimbles weekend and there was fun and laughter and quilting. What can be better than that? 

I want to show you this quilt which is in MY BOOK.. The name of the quilt is French Silk, so named after one of my favorite pies. (no I will not name a quilt cheetos that would be just wrong on sooo many levels.) This quilt is super simple to construct.  The most amazing thing about THIS QUILT is that it is made from a combination of cotton fabrics and SILK. ok so don’t pass out and knock your head on the floor…and don’t tell me I’m crazy. This quilt was so much fun, when together like BUHHTAH and is so lovely the way the light catches the silk after it was quilted. Quilted not by me, but by Leisa Wiggley longarm artist superior! and I dooo mean ARTIST. 

I’m showing you the photo that is in the book because it also shows you the Elegant Bolster Pillow that is also in the book. I think this photo is great. Here is the funny thing. I named the bolster pillow “Tootsie Roll”,   but for obvious reasons I had to change the name, or get a legal team I guess. I swear I could NOT come up with anything. So Elegant Bolster Pillow it was. The creativity of that name knows no limits.

Here is the 411 on working with silk. I used dupioni. I like that name. dupioni, dupioni, dupioni, it sounds really up town don’t you think?? The down side to silk is that it doesn’t ravel…. it falls off in chunks so I used a stabilizer which was just the ticket. The solid brown parts of the quilt were the silk units the other two fabrics were regular cotton quilting fabric. Nice huh?  This pattern design is screaming for any print that you would want to use as a could really highlight some fabulous fabric with this design. just sayin!

Here is a flat shot of the quilt.

Here is the Elegant Bolster Pillow sitting on the steps in my house.

I loved stepping away from traditional cotton fabric choices and watching the results unfold right in front of me. I hope this will encourage you to try to quilt with silks. (and lots of the fabric companies are starting to put out lines of silk, isn’t that nice they did that for my book!) There are so many gorgeous colors and weights to choose. I will be doing this again you can bet on it!!!

Here come dah prizes. Put a comment on this here bloggie and tell me your favorite  genre or look for your quilts.  If you comment you will win a chance to snag the autographed copy of my book.of course.

 And this book.. Holey Cow those people at Martingale are all quilters.. I loved them before and now that I know they are ALLL QUILTERS I love them even more. I wonder if they are all sitting around in staff meetings whipping down binding and comparing each others 1/4″ seams. Is it a prerequisite to getting a job there? Do  you submit a quilt along with your resume. dang!  They wrote this book and I want to keep it but … it will go to some lucky winner..A Bakers Dozen written by the staff of That Patchwork Place.

And for the bonus extra prize…I love these little babies. I’m a cliping fool with these Wonder Clips. Great for sewing on binding (I’m a hand binding lovah myself)  You are going to win the giant box and there are 50 in the box! whooo hoooo. That is two books and a box! 

BTW this photo is sideways and I don’t know why!
Comments! I love the comments it is such good reading. And a welcome break to marathon sewing which is going on at Silver Thimble World Headquarters.