Martingale Monday Week #4

Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love. 
– Mother Teresa
Martingale Monday #4…here we go again. Fix yo self a cuppa or a gulpa and let me show you some quilts! 

I think this quilt is more of what a lot of people would think of when they sit down and decide to make an all neutral quilt. It is softer, lighter more subtle. The technique is so much fun and super fast! It is what I called a Double Disappearing Nine Patch. Of course the explanation of the technique is in the book. If you are looking for a quilt to give as a wedding gift or a fast finish this quilt is the ticket. By the way, I always make neutral quilts as wedding gifts. Young couples taste and decor change with every Pottery Barn Catalog edition.. but neutrals are timeless.  The name of the quilt is Summer Stitch In. Named for the week long super fun retreat I host every year. Some of you will remember my posts from July with all the fun and quilts (100) we worked on.(and the shenanigans)


 Notice no can add borders if you is your quilt! 
By the way did you know that I use neutral quilts as table cloths in my home?? If you come over for dinner I will put one on the table just to prove it! I don’t worry about spills..I can always make another quilt. I worry more about spills on my family linen table cloths than my quilts. I can’t replace them! Heck if you come over I’ll serve you spaghetti pie on a quilt table cloth. (You will be drinking from a sippy cup with a plastic bib on.)

 Here are the goodies you can win this week if you post a comment on this blog and tell me if you make binding from straight of grain strips or bias. Why do I want to know? You will find out next week on Martingale Monday #5. The winner this week will be announced on Thursday after I have several sippasss of coffee.

Drum roll..(ok just stomp your feet, who carries a drum around?) Here are the goodies I am giving away this week to dah winner. 

Kim Brackett’s second book. I swear this girl has got it going on. I loved and made a couple of quilts from book #1 with my Silver Thimble Club…now she hits us with this baby. oooooh baby baby. I may like this book better than the first. No..yes…I don’t know but you are gonna flip!
My book..shipping to stores next week. You can also order it from my web site with free shipping until Nov 15th.

My favorite ruler Creative Grids 6.5″ x 12.5″. I walk around with this thing in my hand. Even when I’m baking cookies. I love me some Creative Grids (I’m not paid to say that just so ya know, but I could be bought haha)

If you know me this needs no explanation..JUMBO BAG! That’ll get ya through the day.

Ok that is is IT now go tell me your thinking on binding pahleeze.