Winner Week #4

Everything in life is luck.
 Donald Trump
Week #4 and we have a winner. Dance with our winner, cheer and stomp your feet. Ok sit down you may bust a hip! Here is the Random Number thingy which I have followed instructions and still can’t get the stupid thing uploaded properly. I will blame the computer but most likely it is operator error.

True Random Number Generator 61

Here is our LUCKY WINNER...CINDI. whoooo hoooo Congratulations girl you won the whole Enchilada! Please contact me and I’ll bring you the prizes cuz you are in GEORGIA!!!! AND YOU ARE HOLDING A QUILT THAT WAS ON MY LAST BLOG POST…AND YOU ARE MY LUCKY FRIEND TODAY.
SERENDIPITY, I love it when that happens.

I finished the binding on Mary Beth’s new quilt. She has moved out and now is living on her own. I guess that makes us officially EMPTY NESTERS. I know I’m supposed to be happy about this but I miss her. She is decorating her bedroom in purples and greens so her aunt Tricia and I made her this quilt while we were in the mountains last month. Leisa quilted it and I finally got the binding on it. The quilt is large I swear Omar the Tent maker size. I don’t usually make this type of quilt but I do like it a lot. It is a Turning Twenty Again. It was easy I made it scrappy and not line specific (no surprises there). I would make one again. YUP! 

 Scrappy back toooo. Used the fabric I have and stitched up the back! She is going to love how cuddly it is those green strips are flannel. so soft. 
Now I have to go wash it because my kids don’t like to get ”  crunchy” quilts. They are quilt lovers and cuddly like that too!